Asset Management Overview

We believe investors can earn superior returns via a contrarian value methodology and we have a track record to back that up. We look for securities with strong fundamentals that the market is discounting due to irrational fear. We seek to mitigate risk using a variety of strategies, including liquidity preservation, short-selling, put options, and most importantly, investing with a margin-of-safety. Our overall objective is to provide you with superior risk-adjusted returns versus other investment products.

We offer long / short products for investors looking for a well-hedged portfolio. We have achieved a 15.37% annualized return on our managed accounts using this strategy for the past 2.5 years, versus an S&P 500 annualized return of 7.36%. Our outperformance can be accredited to our risk management strategy, as well as several successful theses, including a bullish thesis on REITs in 2009, a bearish thesis on metal producers in 2011, and our homebuilder strategy in 2011.

We also offer three long-only products for non-accredited investors and those who prefer a more traditional portfolio. We offer a general long-only equity portfolio, managed with similar principles as our long / short product. We have gained particular expertise in dividend stocks and REITs over the past few years; so we also offer dividend-growth and REIT portfolios, for investors looking for high yielding income products.

Many of our investment theses can be read at Seeking Alpha, or you can view a listing of some of our research here.

To contact us for more information, e-mail, or call (404) 969-2160.